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高中英语阅读理解分享:China Daily

时间:2015-04-10    来源:网络    

  Here are four pieces of news from China Daily.

  SHANGHAI-The Huachen Group, which has put 83 million yuan in the development of the e-commerce market since its official registration late last year, recently held a meeting in Shanghai to show the use of its newly opened tourism business payment network. The network aims to serve tourists from all over the world, but especially from Europe and the United States where credit cards are popularly used. After opening the website, netizens can get information about hotels and tourism services on tourism page. Hotels and services can be reserved and payments made through credit cards. The network opened in February in Beijing.

  SYDNEY-The Sydney Olympic flame will travel underwater on Australia‘s Great Barrier Reef during the torch relay(火炬接力) following a successful test.


  Scuba diver Wendy Craig, a marine biologist, will carry the torch on a three-to-four-minute underwater journey at Agincourt Reef on June 27, creating Olympic history, organizers said yesterday.

  Burning at 2000 degrees, the torch is expected to remain alight three metres underwater because of a special kind of technology which creates a ―fierce flame‖ -too powerful to be drowned out by water. Charles Tegner, managing director of torch creator, said the flame would burn like a flare from oxygen-producing chemicals.

  BEIJING-The election of a new leader in Taiwan can not change the fact that Taiwan is a part of Chinese territory.‖ Taiwan Independence‖ in whatever form will never be allowed, according to a statesman of China‘s central government.

  ―We should listen to what the new leader in Taiwan says and watch what he does. We will observe where he will lead cross-Straits relations. We are willing to exchange views on cross-Straits relations and peaceful reunification with all parties, organizations and personages in Taiwan who favor(赞同) the one China principle,‖ says the statesman, which was released(发布)by the Taiwan Affairs Office of the CPC Central Committee.

  HAIKOU-Customs officers in Haikou, capital of South China‘s Hainan Province, recently stopped a boat loaded with 781 cases of foreign-brand cigarettes being smuggled(走私)into China. The cigarettes are estimated to be worth more than 1.8 million yuan, said a customs discovered the smuggling boat as they were going around the northern sea area of Yangpu Port.

  The smuggled cigarettes cases, packed into two containers, were disguised to avoid(回避) being examined. The boat was registered(登记) in the coastal city of Xiamen in East China‘s Fujian Province. All eight suspects(疑犯) aboard the boat were kept by the police in Haikou.

  1.Why does the network aim to serve tourists especially from Europe and the USA?

  A. Because they are from developed countries.

  B. Because the payments of hotels and services should be made through credit cards. C. Because people in these countries travel much more than those countries. D. Because they have more computers than others.

  2.Which of the following statements is NOT true according to the second piece of news?

  A. The whole torch relay will be held three metres underwater.

  B. The underwater journey of the torch will play an important part in Olympic history. C. A test has been made before this activity.

  D. Some chemicals will help the flame burn by producing oxygen.

  3.Which is the best title for the third piece of news?

  A. Ready to Fight B. No Good End C. Wait and See D. Peace Comes First

  4.Which of the following best explains the underlined word‖ disguised‖ in the last piece of news?

  A. made different from normal B. designed for a good purpose C. hidden D. pretended



  • 流泪

  • 还行

  • 很好

  • 非常棒







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